XT® Polymer

Toughness characteristics are evident in its combination of Izod impact and elongation at break characteristics. Both these properties remain stable after EtO exposure and over time as demonstrated in the graphs. PETG's toughness characteristics are related to it's elongation at break property. After EtO sterilization, the elongation property of PETG is immediately reduced by half after which it continues to deteriorate as it ages until it becomes fairly brittle. XT® POLYMER compounds are also used in the manufacture of various medical devices for such applications as IV connectors, spikes, Y-sites and more. These compounds provide an outstanding balance of properties including, transparency, toughness, ease of processing and good chemical resistance to lipids. All grades of XT® POLYMER meet the requirements of USP class VI and XT® POLYMER 250 and XT® POLYMER 375 compounds meet the requirements of ISO 10993-1 (XT® X800 RG compund has not yet been tested). XT® POLYMER has been used in rigid medical packaging for over 30 years. Why? The benefits below show exactly why XT® POLYMER is an outstanding material choice.


  • Cost-effective - one of the most cost-effective thermoplastics for rigid sterilizable packaging.
  • Strong - outstanding crush and impact strength.
  • Clear - very high light transmission and low haze.
  • Rigid - outstanding corner and wall strength, especially in deep draw packages.
  • Sterilizable - compatible with EtO, gamma*, Ebeam* and STERRAD®. No silicone contamination worries - denests easily without the need for silicone denesting agents. * In thin gauge applications