XT® POLYMER compound is one of the most cost effective thermoplastics used for rigid sterilizable medical packaging trays on the market today. It has a proven track record, having been used successfully for over 30 years in the Medical Packaging Industry. XT® POLYMER compound's outstanding crush and impact strength combined with its high rigidity can result in down-gauging sheet thickness and its relatively low specific gravity can provide users with opportunities for significant cost savings. Also, XT® POLYMER compound excels in situations that require a tray with a deep draw.

XT® POLYMER compound has outstanding and consistent EtO results. It can be used with higher heat settings which allows for shortened ETO cycles than other popular medical packaging alternatives. All this without deformation surprises! XT® POLYMER compound is compatible with Gamma, E-beam and Sterrad® sterilization techniques. XT® POLYMER compound has excellent denesting characteristics; parts can be stacked without using silicone denesting agent's, eliminating silicone contamination worries in early production and assembly areas.