Acrylic-based multipolymer compound for antimicrobial medical device applications


These products are specifically designed for FDA regulated Class I or Class II medical devices covered by 510(k) PMN submission. Call Evonik Cyro for the Device Master File Number.

CYROLITE® Protect acrylic-based multipolymer compounds provides antimicrobial capabilities* against a variety of microorganisms commonly found in healthcare facilities. These are the latest addition to the family of CYROLITE® acrylic-based multipolymer compounds, the world’s most advanced medical acrylics. Offering a superior balance of properties, CYROLITE® compounds empower designers to create better-than-ever medical devices.

CYROLITE® Protect 2 acrylic based antimicrobial compound it is the latest addition to our medical device grade product line. CYROLITE® Protect 2 is available for sampling.

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Benefits of CYROLITE® Protect compound:

  • Antimicrobial capabilities*

  • Tough

  • Transparent

  • Bondable

  • Gamma, e-beam and EtO sterilizable

  • Easy to process

  • Chemical resistant

  • Resistant to plasticizers found in flexible PVC tubing

  • Free of bisphenol A (BPA)

CYROLITE® Protect 2 compound:

Offers all the benefits of CYROLITE® Protect plus excellent lipid and alcohol resistance.