CYROLITE® Med 2 acrylic-based multipolymer compound


IV Set
  • Tough - 5 times the impact resistance of unmodified acrylics

  • Transparent - offers high light transmission with little haze

  • Chemical Resistant - resistant to body fluids and many chemicals, especially plasticizers

  • Sterilizable - can be sterilized by EtO gas by radiation techniques as well as by the STERRAD® Sterilization System.

  • Bondability/Weldability - offers excellent and consistent bonding to PVC tubing. CYROLITE® parts can also be solvent bonded, thermal bonded as well as ultrasonic or spin-welded.

  • Alcohol and Lipid Resistance - Out-performs lipid resistance polycarbonate in percent elongation retention after exposure to either alcohol or lipids. It has become the Medical Industry Standard for an alcohol resistant acrylic polymer.

  • Improved HAEMO Compatibilty - CYROLITE® Med 2 offers improved HAEMO compatibility Vs. other competitive polymers.