CYREX® Acrylic/Polycarbonate ALLOY


Blood testing device

CYREX® alloy is an opaque, acrylic-polycarbonate product. When the two components are combined with a proprietary compatabilizer, a synergistic effect is produced, resulting in an impact strength that is even higher than polycarbonate.

CYREX® alloy maintains the ease of processing associated with acrylic materials. It can be processed at lower temperatures than straight polycarbonate which decreases the cooling time and in turn, decreases the cycle time of an injection molding process. It also exhibits a high degree of structural integrity, good heat resistance, good chemical resistance and is gamma resistant.

Applications include:

  • Medical device housings

  • Portable phone and pager housings

  • Consumer products - appliances, toys

  • Automotive components

  • Molded applications, extruded/thermoformed sheet applications

CYREX® 200-8000
Outstanding impact strength and toughness; very good chemical resistance

CYREX® 200-8005
Medical grade: excellent resistance to both alcohol and lipids; resistant to gamma, e-beam and EtO sterilization

CYREX® 953
Designed for thin-walled applications; has high impact strength and toughness, very good chemical resistance