CYROLITE® granules



Introducing the worlds most advanced medical acrylics

CYROLITE® compounds are the world's leading acrylic polymer developed especially for use in the Medical Device Industry. The material is available in 5 grades that offer a range of special characteristics that will help medical devices to be the best they can be. All grades of CYROLITE® compounds are transparent and tough they offer gamma and ETO sterilization resistance, and they are easy to process and weld easily to PVC. The 5 grades differ in melt flow, color change after gamma exposure and in lipid and alcohol resistance. All grades meet the requirements of USP class VI, ISO 10993 and are BPA free.

XT® POLYMER acrylic-based multipolymer compounds have been used in rigid medical packaging for over 30 years. Why? Because it's one of the most cost effective thermoplastics for rigid sterilizable packaging. With outstanding crush strength, clarity, rigidity and chemical resistance, XT® POLYMER compound is an outstanding material choice.

CYREX® acrylic-polycarbonate alloy is a unique marriage between acrylic and polycarbonate where the final product exceeds the sum of the two components that make up the product. The most notable property advantage of CYREX® alloy over either of its components is in notched izod impact strength. CYREX® alloy is processed at lower temperatures than polycarbonate so cycle times can be improved. CYREX® also offers good heat resistance, chemical resistance and is gamma resistant. 

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